Trust: Real Next Door Trust and Where To Find It

Labbe Painting keeps things pretty simple. We do a good job and stand behind our work. We take time to build customer relationships, engage in our local community, and work hard. We build trust with our actions. We do our best, which isn’t always perfect. When we make mistakes we don’t shy away from them. We fix the problem to the best of our ability, we learn, then we do better. We work hard to maintain our reputation and provide the best service to our customers. This is why we get so miffed at these online vetting services. We find it incorrigible that companies can buy their reputation with no proof or guarantee of their work or customer satisfaction.   

Take HomeAdvisor for example, you the consumer, signs up and checks out ratings of “local” contractors, finally you enter your contact information to find out more. Contractors, on the other hand, pay a fee to get your leads regardless of actual work history. HomeAdvisor has literally sent me leads trying to entice me to join. They do this often, as in they never stop calling, texting, or sending emails once you have inquired about their program. A homeowner is guaranteed that these are vetted professionals however any contractor that pays the fee can get these leads. Don’t take my word for it. Consumer Reports published this article about them –  

The article clearly explains the pitfalls and problems with these so called vetting services. We encourage everyone to be very careful using them – the fees can be extensive to contractors which will be surely passed onto the consumer and you’re never sure who you’re going to get.

If you’re trying to vet or find a contractor we suggest you start your search at the Better Business Bureau. While we don’t find benefit in becoming an ‘accredited’* business for the BBB we do very much support their mission. We believe they play a vital role in keeping things working smoothly for small businesses and especially consumers. There are also the reviews on Facebook. Don’t be afraid to check out all social media platforms. Another great way to find local contractors is in your local businesses like the bank, a coffee shop, library, etc… Stay away from places that charge a fee, like Yelp and HomeAdvisor, you’re never really sure what you’re going to get.

We recently found TrustPilot. We’re utilizing this as another way for our customers to have their voice heard. It gives them a direct way to leave feedback without being edited. Click here to review us on Trustpilot

Please check out our reviews on these websites:

*In order for Labbe Painting to become accredited through the Better Business Bureau we were required to pay a $360 per year fee. We just don’t have that sort of money to pay for arbitrary accreditation – we’d rather spend it on education.

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