5 Pro Tips for a Quick Color Change

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5 Professional Painting Tips

5 Pro Painting Tips for a Simple Wall Color Change

You’ve decided it’s time for a quick, simple change in your home. Perhaps a different wall color for the living room or an accent wall in the bedroom. Remember, it’s always easiest and best to hire a professional for your painting projects. However you can definitely conquer this project on your own too. Here are my 5 professional tips to help you along the way.

  1. Clean – Do a quick preliminary clean. Pick up all the things that have a home somewhere else and put them away.
  2. Move – Move everything you can out of the room. It’s fine to leave large pieces of furniture. Any pieces or things left in the room should be moved into the middle.
  3. Vacuum – Now is the time to do a bit more thorough cleaning. Vacuum. If you have wall repair this is the time to do it. Don’t forget that wall repair requires time for drying and needs to be sanded. Make sure to vacuum after sanding.
  4. Rinse – Rinse with a warm damp rag all walls and trim. Don’t use any cleaning product. If you need to make sure you rinse the residue thoroughly – this is particularly true for kitchen walls that need a degreaser treatment first. Make sure the area is completely dry.
  5. Cover – Use old sheets or drop cloths or plastic and cover all the furniture and odds & ends in the center of the room. Lay down paper, plastic, or drop clothes over the floor.  

Now you can set up your work area and quickly roll out those walls. Don’t forget to cut in first then roll. It is easiest if you stay on the existing color spectrum, going darker or lighter as desired. If you choose a color slightly darker one coat will suffice, if you’re going lighter you’ll probably need two. Good luck on your project!

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