Painters Need Love Too 💙

Jason and Eli

I know that sounds funny but it’s really true. It’s probably true for every living thing actually. It feels good when someone acknowledges your accomplishments. I’m sure compliments and the such mean more to some than others. However this painter truly benefits from kind words from a satisfied customer.

I love painting, I love my job. I have a pretty strong vision about the correct way to perform certain painting tasks sometimes this can be troublesome if I join the wrong team. There are certain rights and wrongs and I just find it intolerable to accept the latter. I am dead serious when I tell you I take the time to do the job right. This usually means extensive prep time. People just can’t believe what you have to do to have a beautiful smooth finish. Some professionals have eyes on the profit. I don’t think that’s inherently a bad thing however it can offer some blinders and incentives for cutting corners. I’ve found through my 20 plus years in the profession it just doesn’t pay in the end and I really like the way I do it. I believe it is better quality and will last longer. All this to say that after spending back breaking days preparing the home for the best paint job ever it is really nice to have someone appreciate the work. Yes money is the best way to show me 🙂 but thank yous and reviews come a close second!

A very special thank you to everyone who says nice things to me and my helpers, shares and likes my posts on FB and I, and takes the time to write reviews. It really just puts the satisfaction in the work and makes it so much better to start the day. Thank you!

Top THREE Reasons to Hire a Painting Professional


3 Reasons

Everyone understands that having a professional do a home improvement project is probably best. With painting however many people feel they can do the project themselves and save money. Believe me, you absolutely can! I’m happy to give you some pointers. The thing is painting takes patience, a steady hand, and hard work. A painting professional offers a sort of freedom – they come in and make the things you see better, they fix the walls, ceilings, and oftentimes floors too. Everything in your visual field. Your painting professional sees your vision and makes it happen with no stress added to the homeowner, just a job well done. Call Labbe Painting today for an estimate on your job – 603-456-2050.

1 – Listen – The most important thing we do as a painting professional is listen. We take the time needed to exactly understand the job required. This means we take our time during preliminary estimates and make sure we really hear what is wanted. We, then reiterate the project through our final written estimate. Clear communication is key to a successful working relationship and expectations being met.

2 – Experience – Hiring a professional painter, like Jason from Labbe Painting, assures you the experience of two decades brought to your project. This experience enables Labbe Painting to provide the most efficient job possible. We understand the intricacies of our profession. Through our expertise we’re able to see and manuarve around common pitfalls and rabbit holes that often plague amature painters.

3 – Quality – A true Painting Professional ensures their customers are properly cared for. This means the job is done to the satisfaction of the customer. However our responsibility doesn’t end there, we should help guide decisions about products and services needed to help maintain and care for the home as we know or learn them. We are often front and center for new paints and stains. So we are your current local experts and we’re happy to share the knowledge.